Web Design and Development


An optimized website design in Utah gives your business a professional-looking online storefront. Moreover, it supports your back-end SEO strategies and influences how well your customers perceive you.

As the competition gets more fierce, so does the demand for enhanced user experience. You don’t put your brand out there just for visibility. You build an online presence that resonates with the audience that matters most to business—and that begins with your website.

Your first chance to impress potential customers isn’t with your customer service or with your state-of-the-art facility; it’s with your website.

Sadly, visitors are not easily impressed. On average, they stay on your website for 15 seconds, and if they don’t like what they see, they’ll move on to your competitors. If your website isn’t fresh and interesting, visitors won’t stick around to read your web content. If your website isn’t easy to use, visitors won’t stick around to book your services or order your goods. In short, if your website isn’t visually impressive, you will lose customers.

How do you sustain people’s interest and turn it into a sale? With a website that performs well, looks good, and has the information customers want. At SEO Werkz, we understand the “it” factor. Website design and Wordpress development is our forte. We stay on the cutting edge of industry trends. Our website design services in Salt Lake City will impress potential customers, guaranteed.


When you choose SEO Werkz’s Wordpress and Web Development services in Utah, you get more than a visually impressive site. Your site will serve many functions, including (but not limited to):


An effective website is a song and dance between structure and design, and graphics and story. We deliver this to you using our proven technical knowledge, creativity, and a deep understanding of your brand, strategy, and goals. The result is a visually and technically seamless website offering a beautiful, streamlined user experience. You won’t be disappointed in our website development services in Utah.


Your customers want to connect with you online. They don’t want to buy something they haven’t had a chance to inspect on the internet first. If your site is dated, curious visitors are unlikely to become paying customers. Websites can become outdated even faster than the technology they are displayed on. If your site looks a little 2009, it’s time to let the expert design team at SEO Werkz rebuild your site.

We are an industry leader in online marketing and search engine optimization. Your website is the gateway to new clients, and we lead them in via organic, paid, or social traffic. Our websites for small businesses are individually tailored to attract customers in your market to your site. All of our sites are search-optimized from day one, ensuring that you won’t miss a single click.

If all you have is 15 seconds to impress your visitors, all you need is our website development services in Utah to make those 15 seconds count. Whether you need a redesign or a fresh website, we’re the team to call. Discover the SEO Werkz difference today.

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