Your Web Design Should Include Animation

November 1, 2022

Using animation as a part of your web design can draw more potential customers in and help improve the user experience for your site visitors.

If you aren’t familiar with all the ways that animation can improve your website design, you’re in for a surprise. Animation isn’t just for Saturday morning cartoons. It can provide an impressive boost to your SEO while making your website more approachable and modern.

Why Animation Is Effective in Web Design

We know from decades of psychological research that movement attracts attention and enhances perception. This ties back to the earliest days of humanity, when survival depended on detecting and paying attention to movement — because it potentially meant the possibility of a nutritious meal (having one or being one).

Even today, our brains compel us to pay attention to movement. And animation is the only way to introduce this powerful element to your website.

Adding animation as a part of your web design will grab your visitors’ attention. But it can provide many other benefits too. You can use this powerful design element for small animations or large-scale effects that underlie segments of your site.

With today’s technology, animations load quickly and use far fewer resources than video, with none of the headaches that come with the old-school Adobe Flash platform.


Incorporating Animation in Website Design

When we hear the word animation, it may conjure images of Scooby Doo and SpongeBob. But, today, this term encompasses everything from text moving on the screen to long-form how-to videos.

You can incorporate animation into the website design itself, but you can also use animation elements to demonstrate a specific feature or your products or services. You can use it for hover effects, for radio buttons and switches, and as a fun and creative alternative to basic website menu functions.

You can also add a slideshow to your web design or animate your website homepage. You can take a minimalist approach, or go all out with your homepage animation.

However you choose to use animation, make sure it guides your site visitors, adds value or tells a story. Animating aspects of your website simply for the sake of animating will not resonate with your prospects. Use this tool to build excitement and share information that your site’s visitors will find irresistible.


Should You Use Animation in Your Web Design?

The key to using animation successfully in your web design is incorporating it as part of your overall web design and digital marketing strategy.

Knowing when to use animation — and when not to — can make all the difference between an effective tool for business growth and a flashy, expensive gimmick.

If your website design is static and staid, a little animation will bring life to the user experience. However, if your site is already “busy,” adding animation might serve only to confuse your visitors. Confusion leads to discomfort, and before you blink, your prospects will have moved on to your competitors.

SEO Werkz can evaluate your website and determine whether animation could benefit you by extending the time visitors spend on your site, and most important, increasing your conversions. Our experienced team works with businesses in our home state of Utah; however, we provide professional representation to a variety of clients, both large and small.

Contact us today to learn how your business can benefit from some of the most effective web design trends today.

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