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The Benefits of Instagram Business Accounts

Whether you’re a business or even an individual in some cases, switching to an Instagram business profile is something you should likely be considering. This profile, which gives you access to features that aren’t normally accessible, can save you tons of time and increase the way your Instagram efforts help your business or even just […]

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Basics on Facebook’s Sorting Algorithm

When it comes to social media marketing, algorithms are a huge part of the game. No matter which platform or platforms you use, machine learning and data sorting are helping decide what you see based on a number of factors. As the original social network, Facebook was the first to implement an algorithm feed – […]

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Promotion Tips for New Facebook Pages

If you’re in charge of a new business or one that’s looking to catch up to modern times in terms of internet marketing, one of your first steps within the social media realm will be setting up a Facebook page. Facebook is one of the most common and vital online marketing tools within the social […]

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Increasing Facebook and Twitter Reach During the Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, and for online marketing pros everywhere, this is an important time of year. Retail and other customer-facing businesses explode during this season, and digital marketing staffs need to be all hands on deck as they look at separate from the competition and have a successful winter period. At SEO Werkz, […]

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Tips for Starting a Business Twitter Account

Within the world of social media marketing, Twitter is becoming a more and more important tool. Any major branding effort that doesn’t involve Twitter is likely missing out on major demographics and growth areas, just like the one that doesn’t include a major site like Facebook. If you’re a business just getting into the Twitter […]

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