• Paul Staten
    Paul Staten
    CEO / Managing Director
  • Nicholas Dutson
    Nicholas Dutson
    CTO / Creative Director
  • Paolo Durias
    Paolo Durias
    Operations Manager
  • Angie Tolman
    Angie Tolman
    Executive Assistant
  • Dave Kimball
    Dave Kimball
    Sr. Account Executive
  • Mark Mehler
    Mark Mehler
    Sr. Account Executive
  • Chris Siebeneck
    Chris Siebeneck
    VP of Strategic Partners
  • Mark Roweton
    Mark Roweton
    Account Executive
  • Daphne DeJesus
    Daphne DeJesus
    Client Success Manager
  • Blake Moulder
    Blake Moulder
    Client Success Manager
  • Dan Farr
    Dan Farr
    Client Success Manager
  • Lloyd Weffer
    Lloyd Weffer
    Client Success Manager
  • Destiny Pidgeon
    Destiny Pidgeon
    Director of SEO
  • Brian Julkunen
    Brian Julkunen
    SEO Mastermind
  • Mark Singleton
    Mark Singleton
    Website Ninja
  • Nicole Wright
    Nicole Wright
    Website Project Manager
  • Monique Manalo
    Monique Manalo
    Creative Genius
  • Erika Cline
    Erika Cline
    Front Desk Manager
  • Julian Banta
    Julian Banta
    Asst. Operations Manager
  • Jordan Coon
    Jordan Coon
    Director of Paid Search
  • Jana Gonzales
    Jana Gonzales
    Sr. PPC Manager
  • Jaline Gonzales
    Jaline Gonzales
    PPC Manager
  • Michelle Berry
    Michelle Berry
    Content Manager
  • Ben Dowsett
    Ben Dowsett
    Content Writer

Why are we great for each other?

Have you worked with an internet marketing company whose customer service skills were lacking?  What has happened to the concept of servicing the customer?  Our industry seems to pride itself on providing unimaginative service.

Call us old-fashioned, but we believe in a balance between taking care of our team and taking care of the customer.  We believe in philosophies perpetuated in books like “Raving Fans” and “Good to Great”, for these books are the cornerstones of successful companies who believe in doing right by the customer.

We believe that we can provide a better experience for our clients.  Every business we work with has unique distinctions requiring a unique approach.  We realized that working hand in hand with our clients is more rewarding than turning a quick buck.  We learned that why we do something is more important than what we do, and we learned that lasting relationships ultimately drive our customer’s success.

All too often do people in our industry hide behind laptop screens and ignore the human interaction that is ultimately necessary to build lasting relationships.  It’s not surprising that customers jump from company to company trying to find one that actually cares and delivers. It’s not uncommon to hear new potential clients rejoice with surprise that we actually respond to their needs. Many have left reviews stating this, in which you can read here.

We have a sign in our office which states: “We don’t just build links, we build relationships.”  That is a philosophy we have internalized in our company.  We aren’t just a marketing company.  We believe in being the marketing department of your company.  You look to us for advice and we strive hard to deliver on your needs.

We believe that we serve a bigger purpose.  We believe we can make a difference in your company and we approach every client from that point of view.  That is what drives us every day, especially when we help businesses with their SEO.