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Paul Staten

CEO / Founder

Paul Staten is an Inc. 500 CEO and a serial entrepreneur. He has been in the trenches of business creation and cultivation. He has a wonderful wife and four kids at home including his adorable identical twin girls. You might be able to hear the story of how his twins came so quickly he was able to deliver them at home before any paramedics showed up. While he doesn't pass well for an OBGYN, that venture was a complete success!

He spends as much time as possible with his family after work but when he is not found at home, he is often out serving. It's not uncommon to find this CEO shoveling snow from driveways, helping neighbors move or serving with his local scout troop as a scoutmaster - and finding joy in the service. He is a religious person and believes his talents and successes come from blessings from a loving God. Religion gives him a moral compass that translates into all of his businesses and helps direct them for good. SEO Werkz was featured in the Inc 500 list of 2016 at #246. The first business he created is a computer repair service that still serves clients today, 10 years after it's inception.

He knows absolutely nothing about any sports teams, loves EDM and can sing pretty well - although American Idol rejected him. At least it didn't hurt his ego too much and he was able to get back to running his businesses.

Angie Tolman

Chief of Staff

Being a business owner myself in the past, I know what it takes to get the job done and have fun doing it. I have a passion for everything I do or I don't do it at all!

When I'm not at work, you will find me taking in new sights, and enjoying the California beaches with my wonderful husband, 2 precious bonus kiddos and beautiful daughter.

I love to serve and make others smile. I chose the digital marketing world because I love the fast pace of it. I also love being a part of helping businesses take off and do the "impossible."

SEO Werkz has (by far) been the most incredible company to work for. Not only do they know what they are doing, they have a strong foundation built on integrity! (It is hard to find all of that in one place)

Our customers don't just feel like they are just another number. They feel like a friend.

Chris Siebeneck

VP of Strategic Partners

As the VP of Strategic Partners, I manage the strategy for multiple advertising campaigns working to determine with each business their goals and needs to develop a strategic plan, executing the best pieces of the digital advertising and marketing products to hit their goals.

I am a native Utahn and was raised on computers by my programmer mother. I have been an advertising professional for 20 years with a wealth of know-how in the online marketing field. While working at KSL, I saw firsthand SEO Werkz's abilities to optimize sites without contracts, while showing their work and getting real results.

I am helping business owners who have been burned by SEO companies in the past, they are frustrated by SEO promising results and not getting them, and concerned that they are signing a contract without any reporting on the work being done.

Dave Kimball

Sr. Account Executive

I am a highly-skilled sales professional and a consistent top performer. I pride myself in being attentive, prompt, and thorough when working with my clients and this has enabled me to continually surpass sales objectives and quotas. This has also helped me have great ongoing relationships and retention with the businesses I partner with.

Mark Roweton

Account Executive

Daphne DeJesus-Farr

Director of Client Success

Daphne DeJesus-Farr, SEO Werkz Director of Client Services, is a city girl born and raised in Philadelphia. The SEO Werkz family welcomed her into the team, where she oversees client services for one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Utah. She’s known for being able to build relationships with those around her, so it was only natural that when asked to join SEO Werkz, she jumped at the opportunity!

In her spare time Daphne enjoys spending time with friends and family, trying to convince her husband to get a new puppy (he says no), and exploring the great state of Utah. She's a proud lifer in the SEO industry, leading our Client Services team to new heights.

Braeden Ashby

Client Success Team Lead

Braeden Ashby is a Salt Lake City native and Account Manager at SEO Werkz. He grew up with a passion for being friends with everyone, which led him to marketing and eventually finding his home in SEO. Braeden's life revolves around family - he has a wife, daughter, and puppy that he loves spending time with. Braeden is an avid soccer fan who will always be a Real Salt Lake fan no matter what!

Braeden believes that we all have something in common, and strives to learn more about everyone he interacts with. His positive outlook and hard work make him one of SEO Werkz's top employees.

Mark Mehler

Senior Partnership Manager

Mark Mehler is a successful sales and marketing professional. He has been helping small-to-medium sized businesses navigate the digital world for over three years. His specialty lies in SaaS, Marketing Software, Lead Management, Online Marketing, Marketing Analytics, SEM and SEO.

Mark is dedicated to providing his clients with industry leading services that have proven effective time and again.

Blake Molder

Sr. Client Success Manager, Enterprise

Andrew Call

Client Success Manager

Andrew first learned about digital marketing while studying journalism at BYU. Alongside his love of writing, he also loved the strategy and challenge that digital marketing offered. So soon after graduating and working his first writing gig, he realized he belonged in an agency! He now feels right at home as a Client Success Manager at SEO Werkz.

Outside of the office, Andrew loves listening to music, watching chick flicks with his wife, playing ultimate frisbee, and running. He's also a die-hard Utah Jazz fan - it's probably best to not bring up last season when you're around him.

Jason Branin

Client Success Manager

Jess Arveseth

Client Success Manager

Gillian Ponce

Client Success Manager

Austin Heath

Client Success Manager

Joshua Gardner

Client Success Manager

Britton Holyoak

Client Success Manager

Nicole Wright

Client Success Manager

Tyler Brinkerhoff

Onboarding Specialist

Kristea Tigno

Client Success Team Assistant

Migs Luna

SEO Assistant

Colby Chatwin

Programmatic & Paid Social Media Manager

Born and raised in Utah, with a passion for anything Texas, Colby has a tenacity for serving those around him. Whether it’s in his personal or professional life, creating a positive experience for others is what drives him. Outside of his role at SEO Werkz Colby spends the majority of his time in the outdoors or hanging with friends.

Jerome Sayson

Programmatic Assistant

Destiny Pidgeon

Director of SEO

Brian Julkunen

Senior SEO Strategist

Brian has been working in the digital marketing space for over 15 years. In his experience, his online marketing expertise has helped companies grow organically from startup to multi-millions in revenue. Brian has led successful online marketing campaigns in the most competitive industries online for many household name brands.

Brian’s focus in online marketing has proven to deliver an incredible return on investment while employing his strategies in search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, user experience, and capitalizing on the latest in online marketing verticals. With a special focus on search engine optimization, Brian has proven time and time again to be able to achieve top search result positioning for client website’s in the most competitive verticals online.

While he spends most of his time staying up-to-date on the latest trends and changes in the online market-space he enjoys skiing, tennis, scuba diving, and spending time with his family.

Kyle Copier

On-site SEO Specialist

Hudson Call

On-Site SEO Intern

Bridger Wilcox

On-Site SEO Intern

Samantha Bullock

On-Site SEO Intern

Mark Singleton

Director of Web Services

Rebekah Coon

Jr. Web Developer

Braden Bird

Website Project Manager

Erika Cline

Office Manager

Monique Manalo

Creative Genius

Jana Gonzales

Sr. PPC Manager

I have a degree in B.S. in Architecture but it seems the universe has a different plan for me. From making architectural plans, designing structures, supervising building constructions, you’ll wonder why I ended up as a full-time PPC manager.

I have been working as a PPC manager for more than six years now and I have been with SEO Werkz for most of those years. PPC management doesn’t start and end with just building the account and getting traffic. Every account is unique, every client has their own goal so you have to optimize and design strategies for each and every account.

I think this is the reason why I fell in love with the craft. Being able to give these businesses sales or new clients is like knowing that you have contributed not just to the growth of our own company but to the businesses of the clients as well.

During my days off I usually spend it with my family going to the mall, watching movies, playing bingo, eating and traveling.

Jaline Gonzales

PPC Manager

My career in Online Advertising can still be considered fresh since I’ve only started a couple of years ago. I know I have a long way to go and so many things to learn but knowing how dedicated I am and the amount of hard work I give each client per se can expect the job done more than what they expected me to deliver.

I’m a career-driven woman that just started making a mark at SEO Werkz, who’s very grateful to be part of the team ever since. I draw strength from my family and loved ones to be able to hit my goals and be who I am destined to be.

Melanie Orrock

Social Media Manager

Michelle Berry

Content Manager

Ben Dowsett

Content Writer

Ben Dowsett is a content writer who has been writing professionally since 2011. He received a bachelors degree from the University of Utah. He has written in multiple spheres, including sports writing, news coverage and several content creation areas. He has been published at some of the largest online outlets based in Utah, plus several larger national outlets. He resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kim Baker

Content Writer

Jesson Janer

SEO Technician

Tiffany Tolbert

Bookkeeper / Payroll

Why are we great for each other?

Have you worked with an internet marketing company whose customer service skills were lacking?  What has happened to the concept of servicing the customer?  Our industry seems to pride itself on providing unimaginative service.

Call us old-fashioned, but we believe in a balance between taking care of our team and taking care of the customer.  We believe in philosophies perpetuated in books like “Raving Fans” and “Good to Great”, for these books are the cornerstones of successful companies who believe in doing right by the customer.

We believe that we can provide a better experience for our clients.  Every business we work with has unique distinctions requiring a unique approach.  We realized that working hand in hand with our clients is more rewarding than turning a quick buck.  We learned that why we do something is more important than what we do, and we learned that lasting relationships ultimately drive our customer’s success.

All too often do people in our industry hide behind laptop screens and ignore the human interaction that is ultimately necessary to build lasting relationships.  It’s not surprising that customers jump from company to company trying to find one that actually cares and delivers. It’s not uncommon to hear new potential clients rejoice with surprise that we actually respond to their needs. Many have left reviews stating this, in which you can read here.

We have a sign in our office which states: “We don’t just build links, we build relationships.”  That is a philosophy we have internalized in our company.  We aren’t just a marketing company.  We believe in being the marketing department of your company.  You look to us for advice and we strive hard to deliver on your needs.

We believe that we serve a bigger purpose.  We believe we can make a difference in your company and we approach every client from that point of view.  That is what drives us every day, especially when we help businesses with their SEO.

SEO Werkz is a full-service Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services company offering results-driven services and exceptional customer support. Our web marketing services include Social Media, Link Building, Local Search, PPC, Content Creation, Web Design, and Retargeting.
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