Symbiotically Combining SEO and Web Design, Part 2

June 17, 2021

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over a few of the tools used by high-quality online marketing pros to effectively combine SEO and web design features. These two areas can sometimes appear at odds with each other, but the use of the proper strategies and features can allow you to maximize both simultaneously.

At SEO Werkz, our SEO services are designed to incorporate all important and related elements, from web design to PPC, social media and much more. Today we’ll go over some additional tools and themes to know here – how to make your images better-suited for SEO purposes, how to organize page structure, and some final implementation notes.

Making Images Crawlable

Many websites will contain numerous elements that are perfect for Google’s crawling bots – trust signals, billboards, calls to action and several others, for instance. But for many of these sites, these elements will be images. This means that many of their features are not crawled at all, including offers like discounts or free delivery that you want Google to notice.

The solution here is webfont usage, which we discussed in part one of this blog, as well as the use of CSS and HTML formats. These allow you to keep the same kinds of quality images you had before, which make your site accessible and aesthetically pleasing to potential customers, but also become much more crawlable to Google. With these tools readily available, there’s no excuse for these kinds of important calls to action to be hidden from Google and other search engines as they crawl your site.


Page Structure

We’ve gone over several tools in this series, but effectively using them means understanding the page structure that’s dictated by factors like your sector, customer base, and the kinds of content you’re looking to deliver. You have to consider the placement of your calls to action, plus the positioning of various pieces of information and trust signals on your page.

You’re looking for ways to take and hold customer attention – all while maximizing your SEO elements that will prop you up within search engines. Like with any visual design concept, you’ll be looking for the right positions to place images, messages and other elements that will draw people in. Even if you’re using all the tools we’ve discussed here, bad page structure can torpedo your efforts quickly.


Implementation and Results

This isn’t just technical speak that breaks down when it comes to implementation – all the best sites out there today use the tools we’ve discussed to infuse user experience and SEO quality. Online marketing experts need to be proficient in all three of HTML, CSS and webfonts, plus should know how to use live text that will help with mobile sites and overall accessibility. In today’s day and age, this kind of implementation is an absolute must for competitive areas.

For more on combining SEO and web design in intelligent ways, or to learn about any of our search engine optimization services, speak to the staff at SEO Werkz today.

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