Important 2019 Trends in Website Design, Part 1

June 17, 2021

The world of search engine optimization and internet marketing has long been a cyclical one in many ways, and a great example of this is the realm of web design. Top website marketers always need to have their eye on the latest capabilities and the trends that result from them – not doing so will result in being left behind by a fast-moving industry.

At SEO Werkz, we’re proud to provide a full range of web design services to all our clients. As we’re now a few months into the 2019 calendar year, there’s been a full quarter to take stock of the biggest themes taking hold within web design this year – this two-part blog will take a snapshot of a few of the biggest areas to keep an eye on.

Site Speed

We’re long past the DSL days, and more and more research is showing just how important the speed of a website is. Studies have shown that well over half of users expect their websites to load fully in roughly three seconds or less – anything significantly longer than this, and you risk significant page losses from people who will simply find other, more convenient options.

This isn’t just a user experience area anymore, either. Online marketers with their ears to the ground will remember Google’s speed update algorithm that was announced last summer, which means you’ll be directly dinged on search rankings if your page load times are too high.


Illustration Design

Illustration has been a major point of emphasis in this world for several years, but one sub-category that’s begun to rise in importance this year in particular is personalization. People don’t want to feel like they’re just viewing the same rote image or text as everyone else – no, they want a unique, bold visualization their brain can latch onto. Illustrations have been shown to have a much stronger impact than photography, even.

illustration web design

Mobile-First Prioritization

Another major 2018 Google update was their mobile-first indexing, which placed increased importance on content and links from and to mobile pages. Roughly half of the world’s website traffic is already coming from mobile devices, a figure that will only continue to rise in the next few years, and areas like visuals and user experience become more important with each passing month.

Video Backgrounds

One capability that’s growing quickly in popularity is using full-screen video backgrounds on major web pages, including home pages. These kinds of videos are much more effective than images or basic text at getting information across, and they’re also a great tool for increasing average time spent on your pages. Expect this area to continue to grow in future years as our ability to add dynamic video elements increases.

CSS3 Tech

For those unaware, CSS3 refers to a technology that assists with animation for web design. This is one of the newest trends in the SEO world, one that many marketers are still wrapping their heads around fully, so those who are ahead of the game and can prioritize including these elements now will have a head start.

For more on the major 2019 web design trends you need to know, or to learn about any of our web design or SEO services, speak to the pros at SEO Werkz today.

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