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The realm of automation is beneficial across many areas, and one of these that's most important from a marketing perspective is automated client responses.

There are several ways clients may look to get in touch with your company, and having automated responses at the ready is important for ensuring that clients don't wait too long for a response, which will often cause them to look for another vendor. 

At Automation Werkz, a service provided by our team at SEO Werkz, we're here to help. We offer multiple packages for automation services, from out standard Instant Response Package up through premium packages that come with tons of features. Here are some of our program options, plus how they benefit you and what to think about when you contact us.

Standard Instant Response Package

Our standard package, which comes at $200 per month, covers numerous channels and services:

  • Auto response, text/email notifications: For all your channels, we'll cover the basics.
  • Google My Business messaging and call tracking: You have the ability to automate your GMB messages, so customers who contact you there always receive a prompt response.
  • Facebook and Instagram Messenger: Automate your Facebook Messenger interactions to keep the conversation going even when you're away.
  • Web chat widget: Ensure you never miss a web chat by setting up an automated response.
  • Reputation management: We'll monitor your online reputation and help you manage any negative sentiment.
  • Missed Call Text Back: Whether in the form of a call back, text back or even voicemail drop, we'll make sure you never miss a lead again.

This is our most popular package, as it offers an all-in-one solution for many business types. If you're looking for more features or want to focus on a specific channel, read on for our other options.

Professional Nurture Package

With this package, you get everything from our Instant Response package -- but also more! Here are a couple extra features, which you get for $300 per month total:

  • Calendar: We allow you to integrate existing Google or Microsoft calendars, so you can keep track of your schedule and appointments in one place.
  • Active email marketing: From holidays and special occasions to birthdays, milestones, and more, we'll help you stay in touch with your customers and keep them engaged.

Premium CRM Package

For the very best in automation, this is the package you want. For $500 per month, you get everything from our previous packages, plus more:

  • Your own CRM: We'll provide you with a CRM that's customized to your business, so you can keep track of your leads and customers in one place.
  • Workflows: All automation can be combined into workflows, so you can automate your entire marketing process from start to finish.
  • Funnels: Our funnels allow you to automate your marketing and sales processes, so you can close more deals with less work.
  • Attribution: Allowing you to track inbound leads and determine how much of your sold revenue is due to marketing dollars you've spent.

This is just a sampling of what we offer - for more information or to get started with Automation Werkz, contact us today!

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