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Everything Online Marketers Need For “About Us” Pages, Part 2

June 17, 2021

In part one of this multi-part blog, we went over some of the primary basics to consider when crafting your About Us page on your company website. Users of these sites want transparent, authentic information that’s presented to them in simple ways, and the value of a strong About Us page cannot be overstated.

At SEO Werkz, our web design and SEO professionals will work with you on every element of your site, including details of the About Us page. In today’s entry in our series, we’ll discuss the importance of integrating About Us content with the tone and style of other pages on the site, plus some factors to account for when it comes to user experience and expected user skepticism.

Aligning About Us Content With Other Areas

In many cases where users don’t have a ton of time, they’ll look for the same kind of information found in your About Us section from other sources – namely through searches on search engines. For starters, you should focus on making a robust enough About Us page that users are able to find it easily and are not turning to Google as a last resort.

Even once you do this, though, many users will continue to look for this information from other sources. For this reason, it’s vital to align and integrate content between various communication channels, including any site links or social media you use. Your story and branding need to be consistent at all levels, since you can never be sure which will serve as a user’s introduction to your business.


Other Channels Used

In addition to time concerns, some users just won’t trust the information in the About Us section (more on this in a bit). Many look at social media channels to find out what other people are saying about a business in these cases, while others look at user review locations like Yelp, Google Reviews or others.

Factors in Positive vs. Negative User Experience

What are some of the individual elements of your About Us page that will generally show a positive impact on users?

  • Authentic information and images
  • Strong graphics that supplement the written content and branding themes
  • Ease of navigation, including simple contact information (multiple channels) and layout areas
  • Community and social areas, environmental factors (if applicable), and push for diversity
  • Strong products and services, plus endorsements of these products and services from reputable third-party sources

On the flip side, there are several factors that you should avoid:

  • Complex or hard-to-find information or navigation formats
  • Empty, lacking content
  • Huge amounts of text with no white space for the eyes
  • Poor or stock photography
  • No trust and security factors
  • Non-mobile-friendly layouts (becoming more and more important every year)

Legitimizing and Addressing Skepticism

We mentioned skepticism above, and it’s a vital area to factor in here. You have to understand that many users will naturally be skeptical of the self-reported information you’re placing on your About Us section, whether due to recent scams, negative experiences or plain old distrust.

Rather than dismissing these concerns, the goal of your About Us page and other areas of the site should be to reassure users in these areas. Provide legitimate, verifiable information in terms of shipping areas, returns, personal information security, and any financial payment processors that are used.

For more on About Us pages, or to learn about any of our SEO or PPC services for internet marketing pros, speak to the staff at SEO Werkz today.

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