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Everything Online Marketers Need For “About Us” Pages, Part 1

June 17, 2021

For companies looking to brand themselves through online marketing and web design, an important area not to forget about is the “About Us” section of your website. No matter what kind of business you are, this section is a great opportunity to define your services and communicate what your company stands for.

At SEO Werkz, our web design team will work with you on every important section of your site, including the About Us section. This multi-part blog will dig into several vital areas of research on the About Us page, from the groups who are accessing it to the characteristics that are important, plus some factors that play a big role in whether users are satisfied by your About US page.

Groups Who Access About Us Pages

The About Us page is not a secondary concern – it’s an important part of any company site that will be accessed by several different user groups. These groups include each of the following:

  • Professionals: Several forms of professionals will view About Us pages, from those who are looking for business partners or vendors to those in related trades that just need quick information about your company and what you offer.
  • Content creators: Various content creators, such as journalists and influencers, will also access this page to find out about what you do.
  • Investors: If your company is getting attention in the media or through word-of-mouth, investors will want to view this page to learn more once they hear about you.
  • Job-seekers: Before applying, most modern job-seekers will view several areas of a company’s site, including About Us pages, to understand the job and the company.
  • New consumers: Consumers just discovering your products or services for the first time will want to learn more.

About US Pages and Transparency

Based on several areas of research by Nielsen Norman Group, one of the most important trends in About Us pages today is the expectation from users of transparent, authentic information. This trend is also present for several other major web design areas.


Simply put, website users are intelligent and want to be treated as such. They’re skeptical of companies who try to doubletalk them or impress them with fancy terminology without providing actual, substantive information. On the flip side, they love areas like peer reviews and customer-focused elements that make digesting legitimate information simple and easy.

Examples of Transparency and Authenticity

What are some examples and elements that go into providing a transparent, authentic About Us page? Here are a few:

  • Social responsibility areas: Companies that include categories like culture, sustainability, diversity, inclusion and values tend to do well in About Us sections, as these areas resonate with many groups. Taking care to note any recent community efforts can be a huge boon.
  • Realistic content: Whether in the form of images, video or plain text, keeping information truthful and claims realistic makes a big difference.
  • Simple language: No one wants to be confused when they’re just looking for basic information.
  • Stories: On areas like working for the company, policies enacted and the overall business model.

For more on About Us pages, or to learn about any of our SEO, PPC or web design services for internet marketing experts, speak to the staff at SEO Werkz today.

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