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Understanding and Creating Facebook Lead Ads, Part 2

June 17, 2021

In part one of this two-part blog, we discussed the basics and early steps of creating high-value Facebook lead ads. These ads are dedicated to targeting specific audiences using syncing and other basic themes, allowing you to increase eyes on your brand and your overall customer base.

At SEO Werkz, this kind of work is all well within the scope of our social media and SEO services. In today’s blog, we’ll dig into the later steps in the process of crafting the proper targeted Facebook lead ads, helping you identify your audience, manage some details and even make the right moves with the leads you collect.

Step 4: Audience Selection

After you’ve chosen your call-to-action in step three, or often as a combined process between the two, you’ll want to consider the proper audience to target. You’ll use all the basic information available to you and the platform here, such as basic demographics information, location, interests and more.

However, you can go deeper than this as well. There are two audience types to think about here:

  • Targeted audience: Based on the interests and behaviors you want to include – and exclude – from your ads, you’ll create your target audience. Consider both the kinds of people you have success with and their characteristics and the same factors for those you don’t have success with – these may create opportunities to find different routes into those areas. When it comes to location, base the size of your spread on how far your publication or branding reaches – if you’re a nationwide or worldwide brand, you’ll have more flexibility here than if your reach is smaller.
  • Lookalike audiences: If your reach is large enough, you can create lookalike audiences as well. These are audiences built using nothing but the common qualities of previous subscribers – if this base is large enough, Facebook can make a new list of users to target just based on similar qualities that resemble your subscribers.

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Step 5: Budget, Duration and Details

Based on your overall budget total and the details you’ve arranged to this point, you’ll get a strong idea of how many people you can reach with your budget. You’ll then have a choice of one, two or four weeks for your ad.

Once the ad is published, you can go about adjusting the budget. You’ll receive a specific cost per day update from Facebook that will help you make these decisions.

Step 6: Capitalizing on Leads

It’s important to not only craft good Facebook lead ads that generate leads, but to capitalize on these once you’ve drawn their attention. Be sure to create automated welcome emails or other gestures to reach out to new subscribers, plus provide them with more information that leads them in the right direction. Many brands use a series of automated emails to show off various areas of content and branding.

For more on using Facebook lead ads well, or to learn about any of our online marketing expertise, speak to the staff at SEO Werkz today.

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