Tactics for Scheduling Social Media, Part 1

June 17, 2021

Scheduling is important for any business in several areas, and one such area you might not consider in these terms – but should – is social media marketing and posting. Having a dedicated schedule for all your social media areas will help you stay on top of things and separate yourself from the competition.

At SEO Werkz, this is just one part of our comprehensive social media services offered. Creating the right schedule takes more than just a quick look at your various sites – rather, it requires careful planning and an understanding of how various channels will impact your efforts. In part one of this two-part blog series, we’ll go over the primary area you have to consider here before any others: Which social networks you should be on in the first place, and how commonly you should post on each of them.


Facebook is the original social network, and the largest one out there still for both personal users and businesses. It boasts nearly 2 billion unique monthly users, a staggering figure. It’s known for its ability to reach huge groups through a variety of robust advertising services.

You can post several different kinds of things on Facebook, from videos and photos to links and outside references. Most businesses find success posting a handful of times per day on Facebook. Make sure you prioritize at least one video per day if you’re using Facebook – videos get more shares than other post types.


Twitter can’t match Facebook’s overall scope, but it’s still a high-volume network aimed on information sharing and conversations. It’s a great place for clients to post questions and get responses, plus to provide various information, links and photos or videos about your brand and products.

If you’re on Twitter for your business, you have to be diligent about posting. At least four or five posts a day should be your baseline, with a strong priority on responding to customers and making industry connections.


Used primarily as a mobile app (it’s also available in desktop format), Instagram is all about photos and videos. It has over 600 million unique monthly users sharing a variety of these types of media, and is great for businesses to show off exactly what they do and give prospective customers an inside look. A post or two a day is fine on Instagram, but be sure to prioritize the hashtag – these get far more views.



Another visual social network is Pinterest, which allows users to pin images to boards based on their hobbies or desires. You want as many people pinning your products or links as possible, meaning you should post several times a day with images, basic information and user quotes on your products.


LinkedIn is an area where you can establish yourself in the industry and showcase your expertise. It’s great for posting research, case studies and various other industry content, and you only have to make a couple posts a week in most cases.

For more on which social networks to be on and how often to post on them, or to learn about any of our SEO services, speak to the staff at SEO Werkz today.

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