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The Numerous Benefits of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Part 1

June 17, 2021

Within the world of internet marketing, pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is a vital consideration. It’s a model that involves advertisers paying a small fee for each click of their ads, essentially buying visits to a site rather than “earning” them through other SEO formats.

At SEO Werkz, we’re proud to assist all our clients with a full scope of online marketing services, including high levels of expertise in all PPC areas. In this two-part blog ahead, we’ll look at some of the numerous benefits PPC offers you in the advertising world, including ease of access, measuring your performance and the degree of control it offers you.

Measuring and Tracking Performance

One of the primary benefits of PPC, and what makes it so widely-used, is the ease with which you can measure, track and apply important areas of data and analytics. Not only do you get information on basic impressions and click numbers, you also get it on conversion rates compared to clearly-defined goals of the business.

In many ways, PPC is simpler than SEO because it’s more straightforward. Stats directly show the kind of traffic you’re drawing and can help predict future numbers as well. Using Google Analytics, you can see exactly how your spend is driving results in several of your most important areas, allowing you to focus your budget in the right areas.

It Helps Grow Your Business

And beyond simply giving you information to work with, PPC also directly helps you attain marketing goals. Are you looking to expose your brand to a wider range of customers and demographics? PPC can help. What about looking to increase e-commerce sales in a particular area? PPC can give you the tools to drive this forward.

Think of PPC as a funnel for various forms of advertising. It supports several areas where you’ll be looking to direct consumers and convert them into customers, from content and app downloads to signups and many other goals.

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Brings Business Quickly

Another big plus related to PPC: It’s very easy to enter the field if you’ve lagged behind and haven’t done much with it in the past. While SEO campaigns may take a few months to get off the ground if you’re starting from scratch, PPC ads can get great positioning and traffic within literal minutes of you launching the campaign. You can specifically target the right areas without limitation to your customer lists or the range of your net.

Customization and Control

Through every area of PPC use, your level of control is highly valuable. You can target whichever keywords and placements you prefer as long as it’s within your budget, another area where you can mix and match to find the right fits. If you see good results, scaling up is as easy as simply ordering more. If things don’t go as well, you can pause and direct efforts to another area right away. You can even quickly edit and optimize ads while they run, allowing you to test ideas on-the-fly and see what works best.

For more on how PPC can benefit you and supplement SEO marketing efforts, or to learn about any of our SEO services, speak to the staff at SEO Werkz today.

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