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Capitalizing on Paid Social Media Advertising Formats, Part 1

June 17, 2021

There are several elements that have driven the rise of social media in both business and personal life over the last decade-plus, and one that sits at the top of the list for many: It’s free! Virtually anyone can create social media profiles on the big-name social sites without spending a dime, and can experience everything these vast sharing sites have to offer.

At SEO Werkz, our social media marketing team will help you leverage the power of these vast networks to build your brand and website. And despite the fact that individuals can access these platforms for free, internet marketing businesses should be planning to spend in these areas – in particular, on the kind of paid social ads that build your profile and draw the right eyes to your site. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over why paid social ads matter for your site, some basic tips, and some areas to focus on within some of the largest social media networks at your disposal.

Why Paid Social Ads Are a Must

To understand why paid social ads are vital rather than just focusing on free branding efforts, consider a giant like Facebook. Facebook’s algorithms are known to prioritize friends and family posts before any others – this means that as a brand, your posts won’t naturally appear as often through organic methods.


When you use Facebook’s paid social ads, however, this is not the case. Your content will be placed prominently and seen by far more eyes. This same theme is true to varying degrees across several other networks, all of which have designed ways to help businesses advertise and collect data on their promotions. There are also various budgeting methods you can use to control spending here, including a per-click pay model.

General Ad Tips

A few very general tips for paid social ads:

  • Define both your intended audience and your objective with ads
  • Analyze non-paid posts for trends or tactics that have worked well
  • Ensure all ads are both desktop- and mobile-responsive

Stick to your budget on all platforms

Facebook Ads

Facebook is likely the largest advertising tool at your disposal in the social world, with both images and video ads available. If you want to inform your audience with content, choose video; if you’re simply marketing products, images are generally the way to go. There are also Facebook lead ads that help you bring in new leads, plus carousel ads for displaying multiple products or messages at once.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is a shorter form of advertising with broad audiences. It has a “promotion” mode that costs $99 per month, allowing you to automatically promote your first 10 organic tweets per day to reach about 30,000 new eyes per month. There are also individual ad campaigns that can be created using either images or videos, similar to Facebook.

For more on the importance of paid ad options on various social media sites, or to learn about any of our SEO or web design services, speak to the staff at SEO Werkz today.

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