Understanding and Creating Facebook Lead Ads, Part 1

June 17, 2021

Online marketing experts, particularly those for small businesses, are always looking for ways to target specific customer bases. Broad-facing public social media areas remain vital in this sphere, of course, but as some of these networks have increased their emphasis on private communication, there have been some small shifts in resources to increase the importance of targeting specific demographics already identified.

At SEO Werkz, our social media marketing experts are here to tell you about one excellent tool at you disposal in this area: Facebook Lead Ads, which refer to a specific form of targeted advertising aimed at increasing the size of your customer base. In this two-part blog, we’ll go over what Facebook Lead Ads are and the process you can take toward creating them.

Facebook Lead Ads Basics

Facebook lead ads are dedicated to targeting specific audiences as part of outreach efforts to grow a membership base. Their primary feature is automatic syncing – this feature can delve into your previous contact and email lists and target those on it with specific messaging via new email ads. This allows you to skip the step of organizing these yourselves, plus lets you aim your efforts at a group of people you know has at least some prior interest in your brand or products.

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Now, let’s go over the steps to take to create a Facebook Lead Ad:

Step 1: Customizing Lead Form

For starters, you have a lot of control over the contact form that any new leads will be filling out. We recommend at minimum asking for basic contact info like name and email address, as well as a link to your site and a privacy policy (these latter two are actual requirements), but you can go as deep or as light as you want from here.

In most cases, we do recommend keeping things relatively simple here. Like with many other elements of website marketing, time is of the essence – far fewer new leads will fill out your form entirely if it takes too long to complete. Remember that once you have contact info, there are other ways of finding further information later on.

Step 2: Creating Ad

Some important areas to consider as you create your ad:

  • Previous email marketing: If you’ve used email marketing in the past with success, go back over your best email and content types to see what will do well in the future.
  • Membership benefits: While it’s okay to have a bit of information about your brand or product, remember that your website already provides this – on this form, the primary goal should be reminding people of the benefits of membership.
  • Visuals and text: Both these elements are vital for a good Facebook lead ad, and there’s a lot of variation possible here depending on your goals. Your text should stick to the simplicity theme we’ve already discussed, with as much targeting language as you can manage. Images, meanwhile, should support your overall message.

Step 3: Incorporating Call-to-Action

One huge element of your copy is the call-to-action, which encourages the audience to a specific task or function. Some of the simplest options here are calls to download something, subscribe or sign up to a list, or learn more information.

For more on creating a Facebook Lead Ad, or to learn about any of our social media or SEO services, speak to the experts at SEO Werkz today.

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