Promotion Tips for New Facebook Pages

June 17, 2021

If you’re in charge of a new business or one that’s looking to catch up to modern times in terms of internet marketing, one of your first steps within the social media realm will be setting up a Facebook page. Facebook is one of the most common and vital online marketing tools within the social media world, and should be one of your foundational efforts as you get started.

At SEO Werkz, we can help. Our social media marketing team will help you with everything from strategizing to prioritizing certain networks based on your business and brand type. We can also help if you’re starting a Facebook page from the ground up – here are a few tips we can offer you on properly growing and promoting it so it becomes an asset for your marketing efforts.

Previous Networks

For starters, draw from previous online resources and lists you had outside the social media or Facebook world. Many businesses have things like email lists even if they haven’t done much with social media – it’s very easy to contact everyone on this list and link them to your new Facebook page, plus invite them to Like it. You can add social media buttons to your email footer as well, ensuring all your email subscribers are exposed to regular reminders and the ability to access your social channels. Finally, Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature allows you to upload your email list directly, streamlining your ability to reach out to people you’re already connected with online.

In addition, make sure you integrate with any other social media channels where you’re already active. If you have Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other site active already, promote your new Facebook page strongly to all your followers so they can connect with you in multiple places.

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Facebook Ads

To spread your reach to new audiences, use targeting features from Facebook to specifically go for people who fit the demographics of your desired customer bases. You can customize these ads based on everything from age and location to far more specific qualities.


You can’t just create a Facebook page – or any other social media business page, for that matter – and simply expect it to do the work for you. Rather, you have to give users a reason to engage with your ads and brand through your networks.

For Facebook, this means hammering the visual side of things. Facebook users respond well to images, videos and various graphic elements. Do your best to infuse these into as much content as you can to help drive customers to action.

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Follow Button

A must for all businesses advertising on Facebook is the Follow button, which is a widget that should be added to multiple areas of your website and content sections. Giving people more opportunities to find their way to your Facebook page will only increase its impact.

Offline Promotion

Finally, be sure to promote your new Facebook page offline as well. In-person marketing efforts like business cards, signs, billboards or even personal items like T-shirts are all good ways to spread awareness about your page. Also be sure to mention it in business and conference settings.

For more on how to promote a new Facebook business page, or to learn about any of our social media or SEO services, speak to the pros at SEO Werkz today.

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