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Driving Website Traffic With Strong Social Media Tactics

June 17, 2021

For those looking to drive improvements in overall internet marketing and site success, the use of social media is a must in today’s day and age. Your competitors are all doing it, with branding efforts likely spread around multiple social media channels, and you’ll be falling behind if you neglect it.

At SEO Werkz, our goal within social media marketing and its implementation in our overall SEO strategies is not just to create social media channels for the sake of doing so – rather, it’s to use these channels to directly impact and improve site traffic, authority and other important SEO factors. What are some of the simple approaches we’ll recommend to you to help convert your social media presence into actual site success? Here’s a primer on a few.

URL Presence

The first tip we’ll give also might be the most obvious: Your site’s URL must be present and prominent on any social media channel you choose to utilize. It should be in both bio and About Us sections as applicable. It should go without saying, but this URL should be spelled and linked correctly so anyone who clicks it is directed properly.

Q&A References

One of the top uses of social media for many brands is interacting directly with customers and potential leads, and a common format here is answering questions from the public. When providing people with answers to their questions, emphasize referring them back to your site itself as often as possible.

If they ask about your physical location hours or other details, you can direct them to your contact page with this information. If they ask about the presence of a particular product, show them your products pages. The same theme applies down the line for various queries and their answers – there’s almost always a way to direct people to your site.

Post Sharing

Another big piece of SEO and site success is content creation and posting, and this area should be linked with social media directly. New blog posts, for instance, should be shared out on your social media channels, both to improve engagement and view numbers and to boost SEO. You can share evergreen blog posts far more than once across multiple networks, using several possible tracking methods to keep an eye on which kinds of posts generate the most success.

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Calls to Action

Abbreviated CTA, calls to action are a vital part of SEO in several areas. They’re also important on social media, where you can direct visitors what to do next if they’re engaged or interested in the material you’re presenting. Understand the templates each social network maintains for CTs, including those that require you to insert your own.

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