Why Landing Pages Matter for Internet Marketing, Part 1

If you’re new to the internet marketing world, there are numerous terms or words you might be wondering about. A great example here is the “landing page,” a term most of us have at least heard – but if you were to ask many what it actually is, they often couldn’t give you a good answer.

At SEO Werkz, our online marketing pros are here to help you understand basic terminology and answer questions you may have about any area of our services, from SEO and PPC to web design, social media, content optimization and numerous others. We’ve helped plenty of clients understand what a landing page is and why it might be valuable to their marketing efforts in several areas. This multi-part blog series will look into what landing pages are, why they matter for your marketing efforts and some tips on crafting ideal landing pages for your business.

Landing Page Basics

Simply speaking, a landing page is a single page you create for a distinct, specific purpose within a marketing campaign. It’s meant to serve as a destination for users who have clicked on an ad, a social media link, an email button or a variety of other link types you may include in your efforts.

Landing pages are simple, generally focused on a basic call-to-action. They are also vital for collecting visitor information through conversion forms, allowing you to target audiences and offer them a valuable item while converting them into leads and gaining more data about them.

Same as a Homepage?

So a landing page is basically just a homepage, right? Wrong.

A homepage is a central hub for your entire site, one where you define your business to clients and provide links to areas like your About page, contact pages and specific service pages you offer. A landing page, however, is generally not even accessible through the main site – you can usually only get to it through a direct link, and it’s often a temporary page that is taken down or changed on a regular basis. Its only goal is creating conversions, whereas a homepage has numerous specific purposes.

Lead Generation and Demographic Collection

A big part of the value of landing pages is how easy they make it for you to generate leads. Sending leads to your homepage is a waste – you can capture a far higher rate through targeting landing pages, which your sales team can then go through and split up appropriately.

In addition, as we noted above, landing pages are hugely important for collecting demographic data on leads. Each time an individual lead completes the conversion form on your landing page, you get insights about that lead that you can use to form your future marketing efforts, both for similar lead types and others.

landing pages internet marketing

For more on landing pages and why they’re important for your marketing efforts, or to learn about any of our SEO or internet marketing services, speak to the staff at SEO Werkz today.

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