Utilizing Social Media for Increased Holiday Engagement, Part 1

For many businesses that utilize social media as one of many branding tools, the holiday period each year is vital. Holiday shoppers are already making plans and purchases, and the percentage of those who are influenced by social media in this realm only rises with each passing year.

social media holiday engagement

At SEO Werkz, our social media marketing team has all the expertise you need when it comes to optimizing your posting and targeting heading into the holidays. In this two-part blog, we’ll go over a variety of tips we can offer here – part one will begin with a look at each major social network and the ways they can benefit your holiday outreach efforts.


When it comes to directly engaging with your audience and sharing helpful, proactive content, Twitter is one of the top social networks. It’s also known as the best network for customer service – the ability to quickly and easily respond to customer needs makes it vital within this realm.

For this reason, the primary holiday priority you should take is directly down these lines: Be diligent about monitoring your Twitter account and responding to questions and feedback wherever possible. Every interaction is a chance to foster a connection and potentially even a conversion into a purchase. Customers love the ability to get direct information from a brand or company, and this is your chance to provide it.


Facebook is useful for a variety of engaging content types, from basic text and links to videos and images as well. Facebook has the most robust advertising profile out there, a vital concern for the holiday period when you’re looking to target specific ads to various demographics. Finally, Facebook is also a powerful network for mobile connections, with a huge percentage of users accessing it via mobile – it’s a great way to connect with local consumers to fill their holiday needs.


Given the visual nature of Instagram, it’s perfect for creating videos and images that bring a holiday feel and atmosphere to prospective client feeds. Instagram has a number of user-friendly tools to help you showcase holiday preparedness and new products going out, spurring people into digging further to learn more.


Pinterest is a social media channel almost completely dedicated to shopping, so it’s vital during this time of the year. It allows you to connect with customers as they browse for products, helping you highlight gift themes or show off various products to boost engagement and lead directly to purchase conversions.


YouTube videos offer a chance to form personal connections with users. You can make a simple video from your entire staff wishing your followers a happy holidays, for instance, or infuse a product recommendation in here as well. From here, sharing YouTube videos on any of your other social channels is extremely easy and allows for great cross-promotion.

For more on using social media channels properly during the holiday season, or to learn about any of our SEO or PPC services, speak to the staff at SEO Werkz today.

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