Using Multiple-Image Instagram Posts

The visual element is a vital part of any internet marketing campaign, and social media tools like Instagram play a big role. At SEO Werkz, we utilize Instagram and other social media outlets to help increase your business’s reach and optimization.

There are a few features within some of these platforms that often go woefully underutilized in our industry, however. Today, let’s take a look at multiple-image posts in Instagram – how to make them, how they differ from typical posts, and how they can benefit you.

Creating a Multiple-Image Instagram Post

To create a multi-image post on Instagram, you first click the same “+” sign you’d normally click to navigate toward adding an image. If you have the new post feature, you’ll next see an icon of stacked squares – this represents a photo carousel post.

Once you tap this icon, you’ll be able to select up to 10 different images or videos for the same post. A number will pop up in the right corner of each image or video to tell you how many you have selected. Once you’ve chosen all you need, click “Next.”

From here, you’ll be able to edit images and apply filters. You can either do this image by image, or for all the selected images at once. You can also reorder the images into a slideshow by simply tapping and dragging images to the right places. Finally, you’ll enter any captions on your final screen, and tag any users who you might want to add in individual images. You tap “Share” once this is done, and you’ve made your multi-image post.

Uses for Multiple-Image Posts

Here are a few dynamic ways to use this feature of Instagram:

  • Feature products: The most obvious feature involves highlighting various products one after another, or highlighting the different features of a single product in a series of images or videos. This is a great marketing tool.
  • Tutorials: If you have products or services that require any tutorials or assistance, an Instagram series is a great way to show them.
  • How-to guide: Down similar lines, but more from an interest standpoint, you can detail the back-end processes of making your products (as long as there’s no proprietary information given away, of course) to help drive interest from customers.
  • User-generated content: Social media is great for getting users and potential customers involved, and Instagram multi-image posts is a great way to engage them by allowing them to submit their content. Ten slots allows you to feature several different users all at once.

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