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Understanding the Changes to Google AdWords for PPC

June 17, 2021

You already know that your company needs a website. If you’ve been doing business online in the past two years, you know your business needs a mobile-friendly website as well. For those companies who have not yet jumped on the mobile bandwagon, Google is upping the ante by announcing significant changes to the AdWords platform that favor mobile viewing. Whether you’re an existing AdWords user or you're thinking about using it in the future, here’s what you need to know.

A Mobile-First World

AdWords has become a major SEO driver for millions of companies. In 2015, AdWords accounted for $165 billion in economic activity for over a million websites, companies, and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. With trillions of searches happening on a daily basis, having keyword ad campaigns running on Google can be a critical source of both online and in-person traffic to your business.

Google’s recent surveys about the importance of smartphones revealed that people consider a smartphone to be something they cannot live without—a lifeline, or something ‘attached to my hip’. Whether it’s someone looking for a local restaurant or trying to find an obscure item to purchase online, people turn to their phones for searches every day. As such, Google decided it’s time to retool search advertising from a mobile-first viewpoint.

What These Changes Mean

There are essentially two types of Google AdWords ads: text-based and display ads.

Google already made some changes to text-based ads earlier this year, removing the ads that appeared on the right hand side so whether you were viewing it on a desktop or a smartphone it would look consistent. The most recent changes provide more space for advertisers to work with by:

  • Increasing the headline from the current two 25-character lines to an expanded two 30-character lines
  • Increasing the description from two 35-character lines to a single 80-character line

Advertisers can also have a custom URL path that is different from the display URL, a discrepancy that previously could cause your ad to be rejected.

Display ads are another area where Google made some changes, providing users ads that match the look and feel of the content they are browsing on mobile sites. The good news for advertisers is that you don’t have to design several different ads to look seamless across several different sites, you just provide a headline, description and image, and Google will automatically design a responsive ad to match whatever site your ad pops up on.

The bidding process is also going to change so advertisers can bid different amounts for different platforms within a single ad campaign—paying more for mobile or tablet ads, and less for desktop, for example—to find the right audience.

If you are a brick-and-mortar business, the focus on mobile will help people find your business with updates to local search options, making it easier for users to navigate where they are and find businesses that meet their needs.

As consumers’ online and offline lives continue to blend together, have a mobile advertising strategy is critical for every business. Talk to an SEO company in Salt Lake City today about how these changes can benefit your business and drive customers to your site or location.

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