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Why Title Tags are Important

June 17, 2021

The Top 4 Reasons You Should be Using Title Tags for SEO

Can your potential customers find you online when they search for top keywords related to the products and services you provide? If the answer is no, then you are probably considering search engine optimization (SEO). There are a lot of different components to an optimal SEO strategy, which is why it’s often best left up to an experienced Utah SEO company to help you navigate the process. One oft-forgotten component of boosting your online search rankings is the use of title tags.

What is a Title Tag?

Just like your company’s tagline, a title tag (also known as a title element) should be a concise and accurate description of what is on each page of your website. Search engines use these tags to identify pages that meet specific keyword criteria, then display them so users know what to expect when they click your link. Here are four reasons you should definitely talk to your website marketing company in Utah about using them.

1: Searchers Can Easily See What You’re Offering

When someone performs an online search the results that pop up include page titles, URLs, and short descriptions (the title tag). Properly written title tags include prominently displayed primary and secondary keywords plus the name of your company. Not only can this kind of targeted marketing help you appear at or near the top of search results, it also means users will be more likely to click through to your site.


2: Social Media Shares are More Effective

One of the best ways to boost the profile of your website is through external links and shares on social media. When you share information and links from your website on social media, these sites often display title tags as the short anchor text. Any website marketing company in Utah will tell you that the better your descriptions, the more likely someone will click on it, share it, like it, and comment on it. All of these things help improve SEO over time.


3: It Builds Your Brand

Branding is a tricky business, but increased name recognition is one of the best ways to build trust with your customers and clients. By including your brand name either at the beginning or end of a title tag you can increase exposure online.

  • Well-known brands should lead title tags with the brand name, then follow with keywords (the brand name can help boost click-through rates).
  • Lesser-known brands should list keywords and phrases first, then include the brand afterward to start building awareness.


4: You Can Create Emotional Impact

Think about the action that you want users to take with search results. Compelling and emotionally impactful title tags will help draw users in to your site. Since it may be the first exposure that people have with your brand, try to keep the message positive so your future customers get warm fuzzies when they think about you.


Maximize Your Title Tags

Title tags must be implemented correctly by a good Salt Lake City Internet marketing firm to be effective.

  • Keep them close to the correct length so they don’t get cut off by search engines.
  • Think about the actions you want your users to take—the end user experience—and write title tags with that in mind.
  • Include primary and secondary keywords, plus your brand name if possible.
  • Think about readability—don’t cram jargon and nonsense keyword phrases into the title tag just for the sake of having them in there.
  • Make the title tag on every page unique and descriptive to avoid being punished by search engines.


Start creating title tags today by hiring SEO Werkz to analyze your site and make recommendations about optimizing your search results.

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