Tips for Creating "Clickable" Content on Social Media

Every business is looking for ways to create more buzz, and while the traditional forms of advertising—print, television, and radio—can help you build brand recognition, there is often no replacement for “word of mouth” endorsements. Today the internet and social media platforms, offer companies an opportunity to get far more reach than most traditional media while spending only a fraction of your budget (if any at all).

The key is to create content that people want to share with their friends; a website marketing company in Salt Lake City might call it “shareable” or “clickable” content. Here are some tips to help you develop more of it.

Get Rid of Your Traditional “Marketing” Mindset

In traditional marketing you create a brand or a message, then use your advertising to reinforce those messages to your audience. You might discuss the benefits of your products or services, how they can help your audience, or ways your products are superior to those of your competitors.

Social media doesn't work the same way. It’s “social” media, after all, which means that users don’t want to feel like companies are selling to them. Instead, to achieve likes, shares, comments, retweets, and other interaction with your fans, you need to understand the motivations for sharing and cater your content accordingly.

Why We Share

Why is it that some content gets shared millions of times while other posts languish with few interactions? The best SEO companies in Utah understand that in order to get great interaction your content needs to fall under one of the categories of things people prefer to share with others. The top motivations for sharing, according to a New York Times survey, include:

  • To inform about products, services, or newsworthy events
  • To encourage action for a cause you believe in
  • To give followers or friends a better sense of who you are
  • To connect with others who share similar interests
  • To feel more involved in what’s happening around the world

So the most sharable content, then, should provide entertainment, nourishment and uplifting, self-fulfillment, or personal growth.

Delivery Matters as Well

In addition to the content within your post, the way you deliver it also makes a difference. In recent years Facebook has changed its algorithm to prioritize photos and videos the most, followed by links and blogs posts, and then status updates. This means you need to create content that is compelling and provides your followers with useful information, and deliver it using compelling photos and videos.

Rather than just posting about a sale on dresses, for example, include a video of all the ways your dress can be worn and post it with information about the sale. Infographics, simple graphs, and short videos are also great to grab the attention of your audience, as long as they provide useful or compelling information.

Use Each Platform Appropriately

Finally, it’s important to understand each platform and utilize it accordingly. With billions of tweets sent every minute, it’s perfect for breaking news. Pinterest, on the other hand, is a great place to share visually compelling photos or products, and Facebook is a better place for longer discussions and interactions.

A website marketing company in Salt Lake City can help you understand which social media platforms might work best for you and maximize your reach with the right mix of content on each one.

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