Responsive Web Design Is Best For SEO

Responsive Web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors)

The Responsive Web Design concept was created a couple years but has really taken off earlier this year. Rather than creating a single webpage that is 900px across and centers itself on the screen, you could design responsive webpages that are composed of elements that size, shape, and place themselves based on the width of the browser screen.

Responsive web design began evolving from a “nifty idea” to popular practice following Internet reports and trends that projected that by 2013, mobile Internet users would outnumber desktop users. Fast forward to next year, it’s predicted that 1.9 billion mobile Internet users will surpass the 1.7 billion desktop and responsive web design will officially have gone from a “nice to have” feature to an “essential option” for businesses.

Put market demands aside, adoption of responsive design within your digital marketing strategy can deliver more than improved engagement, page views, and business leads. In fact, RWD has also proven to be beneficial for your SEO, too.

From Neat Idea To An Essential Strategy

If you’re a small business, you've got to ask yourself how much revenue you may be losing in mobile traffic that goes elsewhere. Taking that into consideration, mobile means many things for content marketers. It means you need to create content that works across all devices including iPhones, tablets, Blackberrys, you name it, and your site should work on it. That means that when it comes to designing a website, it’s no longer just about the original design, it’s about the ability to update sites and retain the responsiveness.

If you've done responsive design right, you’re keeping your mobile viewers on page and engaged. The responsive design’s is SEO's benefit, and I like to think of it in terms of three points.

  • You can no longer ignore your mobile site—Because responsive design sites have one URL and the same HTML, it’s easier and more efficient for search engines to crawl, index, and organize content. And, most importantly, independent of device. That’s why you can’t ignore it.
  • Streamlined SEO—The alternative to a responsive design is to create separate websites for separate device types, or a mobile app that has no SEO value. Rather than having several sites to maintain, a single responsive site contains your SEO through multiple web instances. And still, mobile-specific keywords can be incorporated into a responsive design site as well. What’s more, your backlinks stay the same.
  • Higher local engagement—Ever tried finding local pizzeria on a smartphone? Any time you force your web user to zoom, you've failed. Local search results will try to give you the local pages that are most easily accessed via smartphone. Having a responsive design site will keep you at an advantage.
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