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Staying Away From Template DIY SEO Sites

June 17, 2021

We all want to take ownership over tougher challenges, and in the world of online marketing, this translates to folks who want to take pride in performing some of their own website design or SEO services. This is an admirable desire, and if you have the time to put in to learn SEO from scratch and really dig in, you should go for it.

Most people simply don’t have this time, though, and this has given rise to DIY SEO sites that look to ride the middle – providing “quick and easy” SEO services that allow you to get up and running in minutes or hours. At SEO Werkz, we’re here to tell you that these kinds of services are very risk. Let’s look at why, and why you should favor a full-service company like ours with your hard-earned budget.

Basics of DIY SEO

These are firms that allow you to build a site using a set template, a few placeholders and some basic themes. They market to people who aren’t sure where to start with getting their business online – they offer quick, easy and often cheap routes to getting up and running, which is attractive to folks in this position.

Just because something is easy and cheap, however, doesn’t mean it’s helping your business. Truly optimizing your website for SEO takes more than a paint-by-number approach. Our next section will look at some of the issues with these DIY sites.

Problems With DIY

Here are some of the many issues with these DIY SEO sites:

  • Appeal: By using these services, you risk missing out on numerous great content and design features that can significantly raise your site’s appeal.
  • Content: Design is important, but many DIY sites don’t come with a blog feature of any kinda attached. Blogs are of greater and greater important to modern SEO, and without one, your ability to be seen is greatly diminished.
  • Domains: It’s easy to create custom web addresses these days, but many DIY sites lack this basic functionality – you’ll be stuck with a generic site name that doesn’t help you stand out at all.
  • Design: DIY sites usually offer a limited selection of basic themes. This is in contrast to full-service sites, which offer a near-unlimited range of options for your look.
  • SEO: Google is constantly changing the ways they assess sites within the SEO world, and these DIY sites have no way to stay on top of these developments. A full-service site, however, employs experts who are specifically employed to stay on top of these trends and adjust your efforts accordingly.
  • Mobile formatting: Many of these DIY services don’t allow for mobile optimization whatsoever, which is a major red flag in the year 2018.
  • Advertising: With most DIY packages, you have no choice when it comes to advertising – with a full-service site, you have a choice about what kinds of ads you show and what sort of volume they appear in.

For more on how DIY SEO sites can do more harm than good, or to find out about any of our full-service SEO offerings, speak to the pros at SEO Werkz today.

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