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Using Branded-Content Over Standard Ads

June 17, 2021

Deciding which kind of content to push most strongly on a medium like Facebook can be a vital consideration for website marketing experts everywhere. In particular, deciding whether to use branded content or paid impressions to draw eyes to a given product or service can be a tough call.

In this post, we’ll show you why using branded-content posts is generally preferable here. A recent study shows that the gap is actually much larger than you might have assumed, in fact.

Facebook and Reach

Users on Facebook can extend the reach of an ad by interacting with it – sharing, liking or commenting on it. This can send the ad into their friends’ news feeds, which restarts the extension process all over again.

Because of this, branded-content ads generate twice as many earned impressions as paid impressions – there are more avenues for them to be shared. Standard Facebook ads, on the other hand, pale in comparison, grabbing less than one-tenth of the number of earned impressions compared to paid impressions.

The Numbers

This data is courtesy of Shareablee, which examined 833 branded-content ads and 265 standard ads run from July to October 2017. The branded-content ads received 617,986 paid impressions and 1,248,448 earned impressions, while standard ads received 375,489 paid impressions and just 34,718 earned impressions. Branded-content ads received over 7,000 shares per ad, while standard ads averaged just over 250 shares.

Not a Surprise

In many ways, it’s not surprising to see these results. People are always more likely to engage with specifically branded content rather than a standard ad, just like people are more likely to share a funny video than they are to share a coupon.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should outright cancel all your more traditional ads. What you do here will depend on your goals – if you want to maximize attention and minimize spend, go with a branded-content ad. But if you only want to reach a given target audience and persuade them to purchase a product, you might be best sticking with the standard route.

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