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Promoting Blog Posts Via Social Media

June 17, 2021

Blog posts are a vital part of the content landscape for any internet marketing company, and as a website manager, you’re always looking for ways to get more eyes on these posts. One great way to do it? Via social media platforms.

What goes into successfully cross-promoting blog posts across the top social media platforms, and how can this benefit your online marketing efforts? It’s not as simple as broadcasting the same message via each network – each platform needs its own unique look. Let’s dive in.


Facebook allows for promotion on your profile and pages, plus within groups. Remember that while posts can contain up to 10,000 characters, only the first 480 are visible on the timeline (the rest are hidden behind the See More link) – so make sure your message comes across in these first 480.

Posts with images work best – consider uploading an image and then putting your link in the text field instead of using the automatic link preview post, to increase the reach. In general, the best times for Facebook posts are between 1 and 4 PM, 6 to 10 PM, and on weekends. Posting frequency should be around once a day.


Twitter allows great searching and networking options via hashtags and handles. Add up to four hashtags to make tweets more searchable for trending keywords. Add a call to action, including asking for retweets. Best posting times are 8 to 10 AM, 11 AM to 1 PM, and from 4 to 7 PM. Tweet lifespans are only about 18 minutes, so share a blog post on Twitter more than once a day, at varying times.


LinkedIn allows up to 600 characters, but all but 150 of these will be truncated, so keep that in mind. Share blogs with an image and a link, and make text personal and engaging. Best post times are 8 to 10 AM and 4 to 6 PM.


Pinterest is all about the image – the description is to convey what it’s about. Keep descriptions between 150 and 300 characters, and include searchable keywords as hashtags in the description. Best posting times are from 12 to 2 PM and 7 to 10 PM, and on weekends. Share the featured image first for initial promotion, then post shareable images from the gallery successively over upcoming days and weeks.


Lifespan of images on Instagram is much shorter than Pinterest, and you want to communicate the essence of the post in the first 155 characters. Hashtags are important – some captions are only hashtags, in fact, and you can add up to 30. You can add URLs in captions or point users to the URL in your profile, which helps draw traffic. The best Instagram posting times are midday and in the evenings after work times.

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