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Optimizing Facebook Ad Campaigns

June 17, 2021

For many social media managers within online marketing spheres, increasing the effectiveness of Facebook ads is a big goal. There are several ways to take that same ad budget you’ve always had and optimize the way it’s used to make it even more beneficial. Here are a few basic ideas.

Building a Sales Funnel

Google and Facebook ads are primarily different based on the way they generate traffic. While those who click on Google ads are generally actively looking to buy products, those who click on Facebook ads are often still in the browsing stage and have yet to fully commit to a purchase.

With this in mind, focus your Facebook campaign on more than just the purchase experience. Launch multiple campaigns, including an engagement funnel and a conversion funnel, to draw in people all along the spectrum. Finally, create a follow-up campaign that targets visitors from the previous one.

Scaling Your Budget

Early periods of an ad campaign are all about testing a few different ad sets to see which does the best, and from here you keep the best ones running and pause the others. The best budget increase here is about 15 to 20 percent – repeat this every 24 hours until you start to see the performance of the ad declining.

Managing Exposure

A given Facebook audience is more likely to remember an ad if they’ve seen it more than once, but there’s a trade-off here – if they see it too many times, they’ll stop paying attention. To optimize the right levels of exposure, add a frequency cap to your ad report. This will help you avoid wasting big amounts of your spend on exposures that aren’t actually doing much for your business.

Targeting the Right Audience

Defining audiences is vital for ad campaigns, and Facebook lets you do this in a number of ways. Start by filtering for age, gender and location, then add interests to get to more detailed sections. Ideally, you’d like to get around a million active people as your audience size for a small conversion campaign test – once you have the right audience, you can use Power Editor to save it for the future.

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