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Building the Best Links in the SEO Business

June 17, 2021

Are you wondering what makes search engines work? Think of the internet as a vast metropolis, and think of search engines as trusty taxis that go everywhere. Links are like streets between websites that keep search engines going. By analyzing the links using sophisticated algorithms, search engines can determine what pages are connected and how they are related. Engines can evaluate a page’s reputation and learn how popular a page is. Unlike junior high school, popularity matters here because a large number of related sites linking to a specific page show that page to be trustworthy. Going way beyond trends, careful link building is vital to internet success.

More Facts About Links and Search Engines 

Making the link profile of a website grow and widen is essential for getting notice and traffic from search engines. Building focused links is one of the most important tasks SEO Werkz can do to create search ranking and solid, regular traffic to your site. Here are some specific points about link signals that are used to consider a link’s value and the reliability and trustworthiness of a site’s link profile.

  • Global popularity—The more links a particular website has, the more important and trustworthy that site is judged to be. You need good, solid link partners to earn the trust of search engines.
  • Topic-specific popularity—Links from topic-specific sites are judged to be more valuable than links from general sites. For example, if your site sells cat food and toys, a link from the International Cat Association looks better for you than a link from a site dedicated to beach volleyball.
  • Link neighborhoods—This means that you do not want any spam for a neighbor, because spam links often go in both directions. Any website that links to spam is usually spam itself, and often it has many spam sites linking to it. Search engines can examine these links and determine the “link neighborhood” in which your site resides. Some estimate that as much as 60 percent of websites are spam. So it is important to be careful about which sites you link to and which sites you encourage to link to you.

The web may be like a huge city, but it is also an urban jungle where it is easy to get lost. A good guide will use experience coupled with science to lead you down the right path and will also direct potential customers looking for your products and services right to your site with solid, reliable links.

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With a team of in-house experts culled from many different specializations, SEO Werkz has all the experience and knowledge needed to improve the performance of your website. Combine that level of expertise with SEO Werkz’s own suite of proprietary tools, techniques, and processes, and you have all the ingredients necessary for success today.

Whatever your consulting or analysis needs are, SEO Werkz will exceed your expectations. We’ll deliver expert analyses, reports & consulting that are of the highest quality in the industry and that are communicated to you in a clear, straightforward manner.

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