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Tips for Holiday Retargeting

June 17, 2021

The month of November is one of the most important times for many businesses, and for those in internet marketing, it’s naturally a great time for re-engaging customers. Over $500 billion in holiday sales is done each year, and shoppers are ready to spend.

There are several options available to drive new traffic and re-engage existing customers through audience targeting and email retargeting. Here are some basic ideas for the holiday season.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

These vital sale dates are quickly approaching, and you need to be ready to remind your customers of what you have to offer. Use highly targeted displays to drive traffic and build customer base with specific promotions centered around the holidays. Focus on your ideal customers. Use audience targeting – place banner ads right in front of the target audience. Consider demographic, geographic and other targeting parameters.

Through email retargeting, you can convince existing customers to buy early as well. Offer free and extended returns and exchanges during the holiday, something many online shoppers look for.


Self-gifting is becoming more and more common among online shoppers, and this is a chance for you as an online marketing expert to encourage this practice. Offer your best customers exclusive Black Friday discounts, or consider providing early access to your inventory. Extra discounts and personal touches will keep loyal customers coming back.

Abandoned Carts

Holding shopper attention is a challenge during this season, and it’s common to see shopping cart abandonment rise. Retargeting can help you recover these carts with personalized reminders and shipping deals. They also allow you to collect info on what customers abandoned, data that could be important for future retargeting.

Display Ads for Brick-and-Mortar

Customers are researching online before they go to malls, and you should be looking for ways to integrate in-store specials into online ads. Look to provide exclusive offline deals, and remember that more and more e-tailers are extending promotions well past Black Friday. You can also highlight the benefits of in-store shopping, such as the ability to try things on and the lack of shipping costs. Serve different ads to shoppers in different areas to point them to their nearest location.

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