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Basics of New WordPress SEO Upgrade

June 17, 2021

For experienced managers in the search engine optimization field of internet marketing, it can be easy to forget that not everyone is on an equal footing with the industry. SEO managers have often spent years learning the ins and outs of SEO services, constantly tinkering with their approaches and working to optimize every time a big new update from Google rolls out.

However, don’t forget that there are still many people either in this sphere or looking to enter it who don’t have this level of experience. For such folks, recently announced a great upgrade: A tool they’re calling “Advanced SEO Tools.”

Now, experienced SEO managers may snicker somewhat at the title of “advanced” for these tools. They’re generally basic, and contain functionality that experienced users will already be familiar with. But for certain users, this upgrade will be a massive boon to their ability to manipulate SEO for their business. Let’s look at the basics of what Advanced SEO Tools will incorporate, and who they benefit.

Tool Inclusions

There are three primary tools incorporated into the new program:

  • The ability to craft custom meta descriptions for blog posts.
  • The ability to write custom title elements for different pages, including different formatting procedures that will allow more flexibility.
  • The use of a preview tool that shows how a URL will look in Google’s search results, or how it will look when it’s shared across social networks including Twitter and Facebook.

Who it Benefits

Again, these additions don’t seem all that “advanced” to experienced SEO managers, who have already been using these basic functions via most popular SEO plugins. But for Business Plan users, a group filled with small business owners and people with no experience running a website or managing SEO, the tool could be enormously beneficial. It will function as a slightly more gradual learning curve, and an easy way to learn the basics of SEO for first-timers.

Want to learn more about this new tool, or interested in any of our other SEO tools? The pros at SEO Werkz are here to assist you.

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