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The Many Benefits of Online Retargeting

June 17, 2021

If you’re using online marketing for your business, it’s standard practice to expect that most of your initial web traffic won’t “convert” upon their first click of your site. It’s estimated that only about two percent of web traffic converts into sales on most websites, and even other forms of conversion – page clicks, sections visited, comments left or basically any positive outcome that you as a business are looking for – are commonly very low when people first get on your site.

Retargeting your website, also known as remarketing, is a great way to try and reach this other 98 percent. It’s a common tool for internet marketing professionals, and one we’re extremely experienced with at SEO Werkz. It’s a perfect way to keep your products or services in front of those people who have been interested but didn’t quite convert. What are the basics of retargeting?

How Does Retargeting Work?

From a technical standpoint, retargeting relates to the code and cookies used on your website. A small code called a pixel is placed on your website – this pixel is unnoticeable to site visitors, and won’t alter your site’s performance in any way. But when a new visitor enters your site, this pixel code drops an anonymous cookie for the new user.

When those visitors later browse other areas of the internet, the cookie that’s been embedded will let your retargeting provider know the right time to show ads that might re-trigger their interest in your product.

Retargeting is perfect because you know there’s already been at least some general interest in your brand or your products, and all you’re doing is stoking that flame. Most internet marketers who use retargeting see a higher ROI than they do from other digital channels.

Optimal Timing

It’s important to plan and time your rebranding as part of your overall digital strategy. Retargeting is best used in conjunction with both inbound and outbound marketing, or demand generation. It’s good to use AdWords or targeted displays for general traffic generation, but these tactics generally don’t help much with actual conversion optimization.

On the other side of that coin, while retargeting is great for conversion rate, it won’t help drive initial traffic. You’ll want to be sure to keep traffic generation and retargeting relatively separate through this lens, and use one to complement the other – drive traffic first, and then use retargeting to maximize the conversions.

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