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Important Mary Meeker Trends

June 17, 2021

Recently, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers partner Mary Meeker delivered her annual internet trends report at the Code Conference in Terranea Resort in California. The report included 355 slides discussing numerous trends from around the web and around the globe – here are a few that stood out most to us, and that should impact online marketing efforts and SEO services.

High Debt-to-GDP Ratio

On the later end of Meeker’s slides were several related to large-scale international financial realities, one of which was a simple comparison of many countries’ public debt ratio when compared with the GDP of said country. The United States does not rank positively here, showing up with the ninth-highest percentage of their GDP represented by public government debt – over a 100 percent ratio, one of 10 such countries at least that high.

Other comparable nations such as Canada and the United Kingdom aren’t too far behind, though they each manage to keep the ratio under 100. The United States also holds the highest overall public government debt number in the world.

Internet vs TV Ad Spends

The rise of the internet has led to huge changes in the dollars spent on different advertising mediums, with internet marketing on a huge rise. Meeker’s data reflected the stunning degree to which this is the case: Back in 1995, there was over a $75 billion gap in money spent on TV ads versus money spent on internet ads.

By earlier this year, however, internet ad spending had actually passed TV ad spending around the world, approaching $200 billion in projected yearly ad spending just for online marketing. The rise in the internet marketing spending curve has been sharp, and may still be gaining steam.

Time Spent on Digital Media

Meeker’s data also shows the level to which digital media usage has increased in recent years. In 2008, it’s estimated that the average adult spent about 2.7 hours per day ingesting all forms of digital media – mobile, desktop/laptop and other connected devices. In 2016, that number was more than doubled, at an average of 5.6 hours per day. In fact, the average adult spent more time on mobile media alone in 2016 than they did on all media combined just eight years prior. A remarkable increase, indeed.

Other Trends

A few other trends to point out:

  • Meeker’s data showed that Netflix has gone from holding 0 percent of the home entertainment revenue market to over 30 percent of said market in just 10 years.
  • Voice queries are growing quickly in popularity over typing for online searches – 20 percent of mobile queries were made by voice in 2016, and that number should rise again.
  • Internet growth is slowing worldwide, but not in India, where internet users grew by 28 percent in 2016.
  • Global smartphone growth is also slowing, as shipments grew by only 3 percent last year compared with 10 percent the year before.

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