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The Importance of Product Descriptions

June 17, 2021

One of the lesser-mentioned areas in internet marketing that still holds a ton of importance for both search engine optimization and other beneficial areas is product descriptions. These may seem like a formality in some cases, but in reality they’re a vital part of the customer experience.

As a leading SEO company, we at SEO Werkz have seen all the pitfalls of ignoring high-quality product descriptions as a priority, and the benefits of focusing on it. Here are some of the relevant points.

Why Product Descriptions Matter

Product descriptions aren’t just the end result of your marketing and click-drawing strategies – they’re part of the dangling carrot themselves. Descriptions should describe the product, yes, but they should do so in a way that helps answer client questions and draws them in to the positive features of the products.

It’s this interactivity that separates good descriptions from lazy ones. You need accurate information, of course, but you need an engaging way to bring it across and squash questions before they’re asked.

Qualities of Good Product Descriptions

There are several characteristics of a good product description.

  • Heading and thumbnail image: Your customers’ first introduction to your product. Can often define the user experience in many ways.
  • Attributes: A list of features included in or with the product.
  • Product benefits: These are often more important than the actual product itself. What the product does for people is what they care about, often more than its individual characteristics.
  • Extreme detail: There is no level of detail that’s too specific. Customers will always appreciate any little bit of specificity that caters to their exact needs, and many will look elsewhere if they find even the tiniest error or inaccuracy.
  • Format and Visuals: The vast majority of readers stop to take in only a quarter or less of the actual content on a page, meaning that the feel and aesthetic qualities of the page will be of the utmost importance. Pay attention to page-scrolling habits and the placement of your most important content in the right locations. An expert in web development like SEO Werkz is well-versed in these topics.


It’s vital to tailor your product descriptions based on your target audience. If you have a younger audience, a more modern feel is appropriate. For an older audience, maybe the opposite is true. There are dozens of other differentiators here depending on the specifics of your business.

Optimizing for SEO

Finally, it’s vital for SEO purposes that you include relevant keywords among product descriptions – though stay away from over-stuffing them. Be sure to include these in images and product titles as well, as they’re just as useful to Google from these locations.

For the most professional product when it comes to product descriptions and all other elements of online marketing, SEO Werkz is your first stop. Speak with one of our SEO experts today.

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