PPC Areas Where Humans Are Still Vital

In today’s modern age, computer technology gets a lot of attention in the world of online marketing. Particularly for pay-per-click advertising (PPC), artificial intelligence has been a hot-button topic in recent years as it takes over some of the processes involved with this form of marketing.

However, there’s still room for human PPC professionals to make a major impact. Let’s look at three areas where humans still provide a ton of value in the PPC world.

Bid Management

Bid management may seem boring and laborious, and there are major parts of it where automated computer systems can be a big help. Automated systems are free, offer great algorithms, can set bids in real time, and have access to signals that many advertisers do not.

However, there are a couple important things these systems cannot do: The first is understanding the context of performance measured through conversion tracking – things like server issues could complicate this context. The second is understanding various inherent factors that impact the PPC industry, which computer programs are still limited in. This is why combining the two elements is generally the best approach to take.

Keywords to Target Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are automatically targeted to relevant queries, but there’s one area machines miss here: Negative keywords. You can target a given keyword not by using that actual term, but by excluding all other terms. This is a big part of a PPC technique called query sculpting, which is best performed by an actual person who knows how to accomplish this technique.

Better Ad Tests

Because of improvements to machine learning, the need to cull underperforming ads from an account is dropping. While Google is removing the need to manually test ads, there are areas of ad cleanup where humans still hold the edge. Humans are better able to come up with the proper hypotheses and questions that need to be answered, as they’re close to this business.

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