Optimizing Search and Social Content Together

Within the world of internet marketing, the fields of search optimization (SEO) and social media marketing don’t intersect that often. They typically take very different strategies and emphases to optimize them, and there’s a general perception in many circles that optimizing for both within the same post isn’t really possible.

In our experience as SEO experts at SEO Werkz, this isn’t actually the case anymore. It’s possible to optimize a single post for both social and search sources of traffic. Let’s look at the specifics of both, and then a vital unifying factor.

Search Optimization

The goal of search optimization is to indicate relevance to search engines – not to trick an algorithm, like some people think. The first step is identifying several targeted keywords or phrases, and from here, there are a few important steps:

  • Use the phrase in visible locations: Titles, headers, meta descriptions and text bodies are the main areas here.
  • Include other words and phrases semantically connected to yours: Know how every time you use Google or another search engine, it gives you suggestions for your search as you key in each new letter? These are “related phrases” or semantical connections, and they’re important. The goal is to target the topic itself, and not just the individual phrase or word you’ve identified. Use as wide a vocabulary as possible and cover all relevant topics.
  • Answer questions: Google wants to see content that answers questions and provides solutions. Figure out the common questions clients will have about your topics, and then answer tem within content.

Social Optimization

Now that you’re worthy of being ranked on Google and other engines, the goal is to become worthy of being shared broadly on social media. The most vital factor here is the headline – articles don’t get shared, headlines do. Here are some headline-related factors to keep in mind:

  • Choose unique words: Words that will pop off the page and draw readers in are a great start.
  • Build fascination: Use leading words and terms that engender a sense of curiosity in what’s being written.
  • Numbers: Adding numbers to headlines draws in readers.
  • No clickbait: Your headline makes a promise – don’t break it by including something totally different in the body.
  • Images: Customized images featuring text are vital, and they’re even more impactful if they contain pictures of human faces.

Middle Ground: Headlines

As we noted, headlines are vital for social optimization. They’re also the key middle ground that can allow you to optimize both social and search functions in the same posts. Headlines can contain target keywords or phrases, and can also utilize numbers and trigger words. Colons, parentheses and other punctuation elements allow you to add more detail without sacrificing any of these factors. A heavy focus on optimizing both sides of the coin with headlines can make a huge difference for your campaign.

To learn more about optimization, or any of our other SEO services, speak to the experts at SEO Werkz today.

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