Kinds of Businesses that Benefit From Local SEO, Part 1

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a wide-ranging field, one that covers several different strategy formats and mediums. One area where this is visible is within different search areas – there are such terms as global SEO, national SEO and, particularly important in recent years in the industry, local SEO.

At SEO Werkz, our internet marketing pros will help you understand the differences between local SEO and other types. They’ll also assist you with understanding whether your business is the sort that could benefit significantly from an emphasis on local SEO. In this two-part blog series, we’ll detail several of the broad business types that tend to do best with local SEO, plus why this is the case and what you can do to bolster your efforts if your business falls into any of these categories.

Various Medical Services

Whether we’re talking doctors, dental offices, urgent care facilities or any other similar medical service, local SEO can be a massive benefit for these sectors. A big part of this is due to the specialized nature of these kinds of businesses – people who come to these places do so for very specific reasons in almost every case. For this reason, marketers and SEO pros can find major success with content like blogs, FAQs, how-to posts and others.

On top of this, local businesses like these can boost their SEO through leveraging name value in local business directories such as Yelp. Between this and high-level content, you can draw major additional traffic through local SEO efforts.

Bars, Pubs and Restaurants

The food and beverage industry, or even the entire hospitality industry as a whole, is one with significant turnover. New bars, restaurants, hotels and others open up in the millions each year, and to succeed, they need a visible local presence that helps them establish themselves in the community.

This is where local SEO comes in. When people search for restaurants in your area, particularly those that match your style, you want your results to show up in prominent places. One big element of this is customer reviews, which Google has emphasized in recent years and play a prominent role on search pages.

Legal Offices

Lawyers and other legal professionals are almost always in-demand from clients who live nearby, so you can see why local SEO is so important to them. Things like a Google My Business page can make a huge difference for these companies, as can proper keyword selection and good web design that highlights these keywords – which often relate specifically to the kinds of cases handled by a given law office.

Like restaurants and hospitality businesses, reviews are a big piece of the puzzle here. Many people are not willing to trust a lawyer unless a third party gives their approval first, so law firms who can generate good reviews on Google and Yelp are going to get ahead.

For more on the kinds of businesses benefitted most by local SEO, or to learn about any of our SEO, PPC or web design services, speak to the staff at SEO Werkz today.

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