Is Your Online Content Bringing in Customers?

You have probably heard the buzzword “content marketing” recently, and you may even be using content marketing in your Salt Lake City Internet marketing to try and reach your customers. The reality for just about every business today is that your customers are searching the Internet for information about the products and services you offer, and if you are not showing up in those search results, chances are they are heading to your competitors.

Perhaps you have a website—that’s a good start—but in today’s increasingly digital world it’s just not enough. Today you need to be creating frequent, high quality content. Here are a few tips to help improve your content to attract buyers and promote purchases.

Optimize for Searches

The vast majority of customers today search online for products and services that they need, and in this endless sea of information it’s important that search engines can find your content. Optimizing for search means you need:

  • An interesting and informative title that relates to the topic or keywords
  • The right keyword density
  • Meta tags and meta descriptions
  • Fresh content that is not duplicated elsewhere online

Be Interesting and Informative

People will click on your blog posts or similar content when it answers their questions or provides interesting, relevant information that solves a problem. Blogs are a great way to establish your voice as an expert in your industry, an inexpensive way to increase your website marketing in Salt Lake City, and a way for customers to feel like they are getting to know you personally. Don’t be afraid to be conversational in blog posts, and add in things like humor or personal information when it’s appropriate. To find great topics, think about the most frequently asked questions you get when a person is considering your products, then blog about those topics and answer those questions.

Use Social Media to Promote Content

Social media is one of the most personal and targeted ways to reach your customers. If you were listening to the hype over the past few years and set up a Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, and a LinkedIn profile for your business, you should be using those to your advantage to generate better SEO in Utah. Use the built-in (and free) analytics on each of the sites to find out who is following you, then tailor the content that you publish on those sites to what those people want to see. You can also follow blogs and social media pages of industry experts in your area, and share their valuable content to inform and engage customers.

Listen to Your Customers

Finally, before you go into a chaotic and unorganized content-creation-overload, outline a strategy that takes your customers into account. Send out a survey or use existing email marketing to find out what kinds of things they want to know. Learn their behaviors by analyzing data and analytics and encourage feedback so you can find out what they want, then provide that content to boost your Salt Lake City online marketing.

To start creating your content marketing strategy for improved SEO in Utah today, call an Internet marketing firm in Salt Lake City.

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