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Is Your Business on LinkedIn?

June 17, 2021

Is Your Business on LinkedIn? Here’s Why You Should Be

If your business is like most, you jumped on the “social media” train because you understand that these platforms provide several benefits, including:

  • The ability to promote your business
  • A boost in SEO rankings
  • A platform for publishing content regularly
  • A way to connect with customers

While a discussion of social media platforms inevitably includes the heavy hitters like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, there are fewer companies that have taken advantage of one of the fastest growing and most important professional sites out there: LinkedIn. Maybe you have a personal profile on that site but you’re not quite sure how to use it to promote your company, or perhaps you have never even logged on. No matter what your current level of experience with LinkedIn, here are some reasons you should include it in your plan for SEO in Utah.

It’s a Content Marketing Hub

While it was originally started as a platform for people to upload resumes and connect with colleagues, LinkedIn has transformed in recent years to become one of the primary sites for content publication online. In fact, a December 2014 study showed that 96 percent of respondents use the platform for content marketing, ahead of the next largest platform Twitter (89 percent). The site allows premium users to share information, insights, and experience with a targeted audience.

The Audience is Huge

While LinkedIn might not be able to brag about the same level of ubiquity as a site like Facebook, the fact is that it still generates about 185 million unique visits per month and there are 172,000 new people signing up each day. In addition to garnering a huge audience, the people who browse are likely to be decision-makers, as the conversion rate for advertising and content on this site is three times higher than on Facebook or Twitter.

You Can Target the Right People

In addition to having a huge potential audience of qualified professionals as your audience, you can get extremely targeted on LinkedIn without placing paid advertisements. There are more than two million groups or networks that you can be a part of to reach like-minded members from your industry or area of interest. Plus users who visit this platform are uniquely focused and there isn’t much to distract them from seeing your content (unlike other platforms, which are rife with distractions).

The Platform Offers SEO Benefits

Any great website marketing company in Utah will tell you that LinkedIn offers significant SEO benefits as well. Publishing content regularly on this highly authoritative site means you get better Google rankings to expand your organic traffic from search. Plus you can go beyond just traditional blog posts with other useful content, such as SlideShare slideshows, infographics, photos, and even video.

If you are looking for ways to expand your SEO in Utah or you want to improve your website marketing in Salt Lake City, consider adding LinkedIn to your list of must-have social media platforms.

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