Google’s New Ads Data Hub

The world of internet marketing, particularly as it relates to Google, is full of instances of programs that were designed for an initial purpose being used for a completely different reason. One such example is the new Ads Data Hub recently introduced by Google AdWords.

The new Ads Data Hub was originally designed to be a cloud-based measurement tool, primarily for use with YouTube. But due to other benefits Google quickly realized, it has been repurposed for a different use. What is Ads Data Hub, and how can it benefit your online marketing and SEO efforts? Let’s take a look.


Ads Data Hub is designed to help advertisers receive much more detailed insights into campaign performance across multiple screens. It offers marketers access to data and actionable insights across both the Google Display Network and DoubleClick. It’s based on an infrastructure build from Google Cloud, including BigQuery, and helps provide access to impression-level data across multiple services. This ease of access can be a major boon to many advertisers.

How It’s Used

Ads Data Hub is just entering beta testing, and Google is looking to expand on who will be eligible to use it. Here’s an example Google gave on how it can be used to improve a given campaign:

“For example, if an e-commerce retailer wants to understand what the path to conversion looks like, they can bring additional online data about their customers into BigQuery, and Ads Data Hub will enable them to combine that data with their ads data so they can see what a typical journey is from first encountering a user until conversion.”

Google is careful to note that, due to its commitment to privacy, no user-level data can be removed from the secure cloud environment. Impression-level data is only available for analysis, and for generating insights. In the near future, advertisers should be able to act on insights from Ads Data Hub and be more precise about their media buys.

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