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January 22, 2021
Direct Vs. Organic Traffic: Importance of SEO and Security

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basic differences between direct and organic website traffic. These are two opposing forms of traffic within the digital marketing world, with organic search results generally serving as the more desirable for several reasons – but understanding why this is the case, […]

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January 15, 2021
Direct Vs. Organic Traffic: Basics and Common Sources

Within the world of SEO and digital marketing, few elements are more important than understanding how and why visitors got to your site. This is referred to as website traffic, and there are several sources of such traffic – two of the most common of which, and which are often compared to one another, being […]

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January 8, 2021
Domain Authority: Interpreting Score and Changes

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on what’s known in the SEO world as Domain Authority. Created by industry leader Moz and meant to mimic many of the important metrics sites like Google use to rank and value pages, Domain Authority can be checked using tools […]

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January 1, 2021
Understanding Recent and Future Google Updates

As they do several times per year, Google released a broad core algorithm on December 3, 2020. This is a normal process for Google, which does this a few times per year, and this one had a particular impact on a few different industries. At SEO Werkz, one of our top specialties is helping clients […]

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December 20, 2019
Identifying and Rectifying SEO De-Indexing Concerns, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the steps toward identifying and addressing de-indexing issues on your site. This issue, often caused by a mistaken push of certain code onto your site, can create major rankings drops for keywords – but can also be remedied with the proper approach. […]

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October 4, 2019
Important Info on Google’s Recent Review Star Changes, Part 1

Understanding changes to the way Google operates is a big part of success within any internet marketing company, and a recent change they announced could play a big role in one specific area here: Reviews and review stars. On Monday September 16, Google made the announcement that they would begin restricting review stars on search […]

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December 27, 2019
Tracking Success Within Social Media Marketing, Part 1

With each passing year, the use of social media within online marketing becomes more and more important. These channels are used by billions of people, and they’re a vital way to connect with prospective customers and showcase various marketing strategies and brand awareness solutions. At SEO Werkz, we’re here to help with all avenues of […]

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October 11, 2019
Important Info on Google’s Recent Review Star Changes, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked into some of the recent changes made by Google when it comes to review stars for SERPs. Aimed at targeting what the company labels as “self-serving” reviews and removing them from results, the update had a significant impact on a wide range of industries. At […]

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September 13, 2019
Primer on SEO Link-Building Importance and Tactics

There are several major buzzwords within the world of search engine optimization (SEO), and one many have heard of is “links.” Vital for certain specific areas of SEO and related website design, proper links can often make the difference between an optimized site and one that’s still lacking. At SEO Werkz, our private label SEO […]

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October 18, 2019
Primer on Creating Instagram Ads for Your Business, Part 1

Of all the major social media channels out there, Instagram may have experienced the biggest rise over the last several years. Over a third of all internet users check Instagram at least every so often, and online marketing professionals are always looking for ways to access these numbers and grow their branding efforts. At SEO […]

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