Redesigning Your Company Website For Crawlers & Users

Whether you’re changing your backend Content Management System or just giving the site a new look and feel, it’s important to plan each phase of the redesign process so you don’t lose your existing rankings and traffic. In this post I will cover three different topics. First, when you should redesign your website. Second, why […]

Reasons To Redesign Your Company Website

In the last 12 months, over 70% of company marketing departments redesigned their websites to modernize its appearance and bring it in line with their branding efforts or to optimize for better lead generation. Modern design elements and an intuitive navigation structure can have a large impact on how customers view your company, so it […]

Penguin Update has SEO'ers in Tears

April, 24, 2012 is a date many marketers will remember for a long time. It is the date Google launched yet another “automatice” update. Many businesses and sites were affected by this latest update and in fact many are even throwing their hands in the air not knowing what to do or why their site […]

Recent Algorithm Updates From Google

Those of us involved in SEO and website design will already be familiar with the introduction of the Google Panda algorithm in February 2011 and the impact it had on various types of websites. The exact nature of Google Panda algorithm is of course confidential and is constantly evolving. The aim of the Google Panda release was to reduce the […]

Interesting Marketing Statistics - Edition 1

It’s Friday, and I have an abundance of useful internet marketing statistics and facts. The fact that these useful statistics and facts do not fit into any of my other blog posts should not keep them from seeing the light of day on MarketChing’s blog. So here goes my first edition of “Facts from the […]

Why You Should Have A Blog On Your Site?

As you investigate a variety of website promotion techniques to drive additional traffic to your site, one technique that has probably been recommended in the materials you are reading is adding a blog to your website.  The blog has several benefits but two that stand out is having an avenue to communicate with your current and potential […]

Usability Of The Title Tag

The text which is between the opening and closing HTML-tags <title> is the title of a page. It should describe its content briefly. It plays a great role both in search engine optimization and in usability. This article gives some tips to create such a title tag to be liked by both users and search engines. […]

Working with behavioral factors

The behavioral factors are the sum of indicators about how the users cooperate with the sites. These are those actions of the users which are considered or can be considered with the search engines at sites ranging. Not all similar indicators are unequivocal (about it further) and not it is possible to affect all. But there is […]

How To Handle Expired Content

Introduction Handling expired content can be an overwhelming experience for any SEO in charge of a dynamic website, whether it be an e-commerce, a classified (example: job search, real estate listings), or a seasonal/promotional (example: New York Fashion Week) site. Even something as fundamental as glancing at the Google Webmaster Tools account for the site […]

5 Mistakes Noob Webmasters Do With SEO

With so many resources available online regarding common SEO tips and practices, many webmasters and companies begin doing their own search engine optimization in an effort to improve their placements while saving some money in the process.  The main problem these people will come across is the fact that some SEO tips are many years old […]

What Is Local SEO, And Do You Need It?

Local SEO is something more and more small businesses are pursuing due to their frustration with their placement in the major search engines.  When they perform a search at Google that includes their city or region, they may find that there are a number of non-local websites listed ahead of them.  Local SEO is a […]