An Effective Way to Increase Your Reach

Paid Social Media

Social media has changed the way that we interact with our friends and family, and the way that we shop and interact with companies as well. Many small- and medium-size businesses have come to realize that social media (when used appropriately) can be one of the most effective, and inexpensive, tools to reach new customers and connect with existing clients. While it is possible to market on social media entirely for free, the truth is that for many companies that is just not getting the results they want. Paid social media campaigns can change that—and here are some of the reasons they should be on your radar for Salt Lake City online marketing.

Changes to Facebook Algorithms Reduce Reach

If you are frequently posting to your Facebook page, you have probably seen the number of followers increase, but did you know that only about 10-20 percent of those followers will actually see what you’re posting? Facebook has changed its algorithm in recent years to reduce the number of organic posts that users see, so paid campaigns are the only way to get in front of your existing audience and new followers regularly.

Keeping Up With Twitter

On any given day there are 500 million tweets posted, and Twitter is one of the most rapidly moving social media platforms out there. While you could just start posting tweets every few seconds to try and be seen, a more effective and less time-consuming approach is through paid Twitter ad campaigns.

Social is Part of Your Marketing Strategy

While they are free tools that your company can use, social media platforms are more importantly a part of your overall marketing and communications strategy, and should be viewed the same way as broadcast or print advertising. Set aside a portion of your budget to pay for exposure and tie it in to your other marketing efforts, such as email, television, and radio to get the most from these channels. A Salt Lake City Internet marketing firm can also help you develop a strategy and identify where and how much you should be paying for social media marketing.

Social Media Should be Treated Like a Marketing Tool

There are many ways to get your message out, and each advertising opportunity has its own benefits, such as creating awareness, encouraging a direct response, or remaining top-of-mind with your audience. Social media can actually provide you with a lot of these benefits rolled into one, so if you would pay for that kind of exposure through other channels, it makes sense to pay for it on these platforms as well. Plus it has the added benefit of being 100 percent trackable so you can visualize the effectiveness of each of your campaigns and put more money toward the things that are working.

Paying for some additional exposure with social media campaigns does not mean that organic posts on social media are dead. Quite the contrary—once you bring in new followers with paid campaigns, it’s important that you are providing them with interesting, relevant and useful information to keep them engaged. Talk to a Utah website marketing company today to launch a paid social campaign and increase your online reach.

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